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Bid Opportunities

All bids are advertised in the following locations:

  • Daily Reporter
  • On this website
  • Anyone may obtain a hard copy of a bid package for goods and services by coming to our office located on the 25th floor of 373 South High Street. For each construction bid, the bid documents may be obtained from the location(s) listed in the advertisement posted on our website.
Title Opening
2021-07-08 Animal Shelter Case Management System 10/27/2021 Jennifer Fair
2021-11-27 Cooperative Residential Services 11/22/2021 Jennifer Fair
2021-48-25 Auto Title South Branch Location 11/23/2021 Richard Simms
2021-06-07 Group Vision Plan Administrator 12/10/2021 Jennifer Fair
2021-08-29 Process Server 01/24/2022 Brad Kamlet
RFP 2021-48-06 Clerk of Courts Banking Services 01/28/2022 Holly Grimes
ITB 2022-09-01 Sanitary Sewer Improvements - Kanawha Rosslyn Sanitary Sewer System 01/28/2022 Ryan Stowe
RFP 2022-02-04 Covid-19 Test Kits and Safety Supplies 01/28/2022 Sharon Tubbs
RFP/RFQ 2022-52-02 Fresh Meat, Fruit, and Produce for Franklin County 02/03/2022 Brad Kamlet