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Bid Opportunities

All bids are advertised in the following locations:

  • Daily Reporter
  • On this website
  • Anyone may obtain a hard copy of a bid package for goods and services by coming to our office located on the 25th floor of 373 South High Street. For each construction bid, the bid documents may be obtained from the location(s) listed in the advertisement posted on our website.
Title Opening
RFP 2023-52-09 Fresh Meat, Fruit, and Produce for Franklin County 04/20/2023 Brad Kamlet
RFP # 2023-48-33 Franklin County Data Integration Services 09/20/2023 Maureen Salman
RFP #2023-06-36 Employee Wellness Programs 10/17/2023 Robert Zalimas
RFP # 2023-52-22 Commissary and Inmate Trust Account Services 01/11/2024 Maureen Salman
RFQ # 2023-03-59 New Franklin County Downtown Facility 01/29/2024 Erika Patray
RFP# 2023-11-58 General Minor Home Repair Services 01/31/2024 Laura Kattner
RFP# 2023-02-45 Countywide Advertising Services 02/15/2024 Laura Kattner
ITB # 2024-62-03 Radiological Detection Equipment 02/27/2024 Maureen Salman
RFP# 2024-02-02 Armed Courier Services 03/08/2024 Robert Zalimas
#2024-48-12 Franklin County Clerk of Courts Auto Title Division North Branch Location 03/28/2024 Erika Patray
ITB 2024-52-11 Canned, Dry, Frozen, and Dairy Food Products 04/24/2024 Brad Kamlet
ITB # 2024-62-14 Mobile Camera Surveillance Trailers 05/13/2024 Maureen Salman
RFP# 2024-08-06 Process Server 05/16/2024 Laura Kattner
ITB 2024-52-23 Firearms and Accessories 05/22/2024 Brad Kamlet
RFI# 2024-52-08 Franklin County Treasurer System (FCTS) Replacement 06/12/2024 Macy Kile
RFP# 2024-11-22 Moving & Cleaning Services 2024 06/12/2024 Laura Kattner
RFP #2024-06-15 Dependent Eligibility Verification Auditor 06/12/2024 Robert Zalimas
RFP #2024-51-13 Voting Machine Transportation 06/12/2024 Robert Zalimas
ITB #2024-09-07 Gladys Road-Inah Avenue Sanitary Sewer Improvement 06/18/2024 Erika Patray