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Bid Opportunities

All bids are advertised in the following locations:

  • Daily Reporter
  • On this website
  • Anyone may obtain a hard copy of any bid package by coming to our office located on the 25th floor of 373 South High Street
Title Opening
2018-03-13 Franklin County Corrections Center Design Release # 4A.1 04/12/2018 Mark Hunter
2018-66-04 Integrated Mosquito Services 05/10/2018 Jennifer Fair
2018-06-30 Employee Wellness and Health Improvement Programs 05/11/2018 Chris Johnston
2018-46-17 Parenting Seminars Rebid 05/17/2018 Jennifer Fair
2018-13-19 Complex Coordinated Terrorist Attack (CCTA) Services 05/31/2018 Jennifer Fair
2018-05-23 Franklin County Economic Development Strategic Plan 06/01/2018 Jennifer Fair
2018-52-21 Kitchen Equipment 06/14/2018 Brad Kamlet
2018-07-24 Spay, Neuter and Veterinarian Services 07/05/2018 Chris Johnston
2018-52-14 Radio Maintenance and Repair 07/09/2018 Brad Kamlet
2018-21-25 Circulation of the Auditor’s Real Property & Manufactured Homes Delinquent Land Tax Notice & List 07/24/2018 Brad Kamlet
2018-13-31 Ohio Multi Agency Radio Communications (MARCS) Capable Mobile and Portable Radios 07/30/2018 Brad Kamlet
2018-03-02 Franklin County Corrections Center Design Release 4C 9 Seperate Projects 07/31/2018 Mark Hunter
2018-09-09 Water Asset Management Project 08/02/2018 Ryan Stowe
2018-52-29 Supplemental Commissary Items for Resale in County Correctional Facilities 08/06/2018 Brad Kamlet
2018-52-33 Canned, Dry, Frozen and Dairy Food Products 08/08/2018 Brad Kamlet